Build this practical, useful, personal Solar Electric Power Generator

Have fun with this simple project. Follow these instructions to build a SolNbox™ / Soln1, a nifty, simple little DIY project to create solar electricity for everyday use. You'll find it pays for itself and helps our shared environment. Each time you plug your phone, computer, TV or lights into your SolNbox you'll
NOT be using electricity from your utility who won't need to create it by burning coal or gas. That helps your wallet and the air we all breathe.

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Electricity from sunlight it's FREE!

You'll find drawings and a suggested parts list to build a unit yourself. It's not difficult! You're free to buy the parts from anywhere you please, although we are
selling kits for your convenience. Of course, since it's a do-it-yourself project, you're welcome to modify the design as you please and find the parts anywhere you like.
We don't sell or turn over any information you provide us with under any circumstances. This information is for our own purposes and only used in making you aware of any design modifications or availability of parts or components needed to assemble projects.