I've got a lot to say about a lot of different things!  Check serious topics like cancer support or lighthearted fare like recipes, book reviews, movie reviews and new things all the time.  Soon, we will be offering an art gallery of my original works for sale to help fund our work here.   Explore!

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Think of AmazingPages as a online newspaper.  There are sections for lots of things. Public service announcements, stories of hope and inspiration and celebration of life stories.  Just drop us a note by contact and you're on your way to being featured online


If you think the world is upside down and you are asking "why me?" Read on and then spread the word about us.

Amazing Things are Happening All Around us

What's this all about?

This website is designed to share information and resources and make the world a little easier to take.  I started this as an online newspaper in response to experiencing my personal cancer diagnosis.  It is also the podcast chronicle of my journey through cancer treatment and some related and unrelated stories.  Each episode is presented as it happened to me and can be found in the podcasts section.

My hope is that you will know that you are not alone in walking the journey that cancer presents.  There is life before, with and after cancer.  Enjoy everything!

Please! remember that this isn't supposed to be depressing or strictly about cancer.  It's a lot, lot more!  Amazing Pages also features news of the unusual, my ramblings on media, spiritual, education and artistic topics plus any items or suggestions we receive from you.

Please, listen and share!  You can contact me directly by email or phone.  If you choose to submit your own story I will be happy to share it as a podcast .

Remember, you are not alone.


I need your help.  Share your story of a cancer journey, medical miracle, special event or unusual and hard to explain experiences with me. 

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