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Please click above to view my Etsy site for original artwork at great prices to help the cause or preview by looking at the selections below.  Thank you for your support!

I'm retired and live on a modest fixed income.  In fact, my entire income is my social security check.  I created this site to help others find hope, inspiration and more.  Sadly, this DOES cost money to maintain.  Like everyone else, the pandemic has resulted in a number of drastic changes.  For me that was finding myself homeless, alone and financially challenged.  I was forced to relocate to  a very rural area 1300 miles from what I considered home.  Thankfully,  I'm back to my medically recommended state of Florida and close to the wonderful folks at the Moffitt Cancer Center.  I'm try to navigate my path in health, housing, medication and more.

My faith not only saved my life but taught me to always look out for others to help.  I'm not the only person that's been dealt a bad hand from time to time.  If you can help with a small donation, please do. If you can't, please keep listening, checking in and promoting this website.  Word of mouth is amazing!

Please have a look at my original artwork listed for sale on Etsy.  If my art isn't your thing and you would like to help me help others please consider a donation via the PayPal link below.

Thanks for your consideration.