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I am retired and therefore live on a modest fixed income.  In fact, my entire income is my social security check.  I created this site to help others find hope, inspiration and more.  Sadly, this DOES cost money to maintain.  It's not much but the podcasts, web hosting, domain fees, etc do add up.  Now, Covid has presented me with a number of drastic changes with the largest being a totally unexpected divorce.  I'm not allowed to share the details by court order.  My wife was privileged and powerful.  In 48 hours I found myself homeless, alone and lonely.  I instantly lost my best friend, confidant and partner.  I've been forced to relocate to Michigan in a very rural area for now and I'm try to navigate my path in health as well as every other thing you can imagine.  Still, I'm determined to help others.  I'm not the only person that's been dealt a bad hand from time to time.  If you can help with a small donation, please do. If you can't please keep listening, checking in and promoting the site. 

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